Description: Harishtu has sacrificed everything for love, including her one chance at escaping a life of slavery, but unwavering loyalty and courage have finally won her some grudging respect. The vampire nobility have taken notice of her.. and the Queen's growing affection for her, but in a castle full of sinister plots and shifting loyalties, getting noticed can be dangerous.  Queen Sekhem has put down the blood riots which threatened to enflame the southern continent and executed the governors of traitor houses who sided with the rebels, but the rebel army keeps growing stronger, launching ever more audacious attacks, reaching into her very throne room.

978-0-9880372-3-6 (Kindle Edition)
978-0-9880372-4-3 (Nook Edition)
978-0-9880372-5-0 (Pdf Edition)

Published: 4/8/14

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Pages: 163

Price: $4.99