Description: Queen Sekhem has ruled her empire with an iron fist for untold millennia, her impenetrably stony heart almost as legendary as her cruelty, but Harishtu has a way of getting her to drop her guard like no other lover has.  In a moment of passion a secret was revealed that changed everything between them forever, but fate and circumstance conspire to tear them apart.  The threat of a distant war drawing nearer, spies and assassins lurking in the shadows, mutiny, conspiracy, all threaten to destroy the budding romance before it fully blooms.  Their tempestuous relationship pushes Harishtu beyond the limits of what she thought she could endure- the humiliation of slavery and her Queen's sadistic appetites- and forces her to confront the demons of her own violent past.

978-0-9880372-3-6 (Kindle Edition)
978-0-9880372-4-3 (Nook Edition)
978-0-9880372-5-0 (Pdf Edition)

Published: 4/8/13

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Pages: 191

Price: $4.99