Description: Harishtu is an "import" from another world to satisfy the Queen's taste for exotic sex slaves. Queen Sekhem, a being of unimaginable power and a ruthless tyrant, is worshiped as a living Goddess by the vampire aristocracy of a war torn land where humans are expendable commodities used for work, food, and sex. Despite this, Harishtu falls in love with the notoriously cruel Queen and a twisted romance springs up between captor and slave. Thrust into a hostile world of violence and depravity, Harishtu must struggle not only to survive but to maintain her humanity surrounded by the many horrors of her new home.

ISBN: 978-0-9880372-0-5 (Kindle Edition)
               978-0-9880372-1-2 (Nook Edition)
               978-0-9880372-2-9 (Pdf Edition)

Published: 4/9/12

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Pages: 181

Price: $2.99